GMAN - Revenge on the servers

charactars / who

GMAN: The one that will save us all from ''The Banner''.

Master Hand: An enemy which became, a friendly teammate after all.

The Vortigaunt: A hidden culture, which will be really usefull in the future.

Little Krok: A legendary sea-creature, that will join GMAN on his journey.

Pooki: A drunk man, that has special information about ''The Banner''

Pookinator: The gigantic robot, which helps Pooki destroys his enemies.

The Banner: A strong and mystrious charactar that is still unknown...

Episode / Info

Episode 1: Knock Knock

Episode 2: A Empty Server?

Episode 3: A Hidden Culture

Episode 4: The Ship Of Old Pooki

Episode 5: The World Above The Water

GMAN - R.O.T.S - Knock Knock (Episode 1)


GMAN - R.O.T.S - A Empty Server? (Episode 2)


GMAN - R.O.T.S - The Hidden Culture (Episode 3)


GMAN - R.O.T.S - The Ship Of Old Pooki (Episode 4)