Amnesia: The dark decent (The curse)

 Campaign Title: The Curse

Assitance/Help: Ash-Y,Jjayy

BETA Testers: ( NONE )

Type: Horror/Puzzle/Survive

Game Required: Amnesia:Dark Decent

Custom Files: Yes [X] No [-]

Custom Voice's: Yes [X] No [-]

Scripting Level: Beginner [-] Advanced [X] Pro [-]

Status: 2,9%

Release Date: (UNKNOWN)


(NOT Available) *Check Release Date*


Some Screenshots

any suggestions/ideas?


The Curse V1.00: Completed Level 1

The Curse V1.02: Fixed Pathnode's and Wall Glitches

The Curse V1.05: Script for level 1 Done, And now has a portal to level 2

The Curse V1.05: Added a Old Church and some Scare Events

The Curse V1.06 Added a (Greek Bath)

The Curse V1.06 Added a jail, and more Scare Events

The Curse V1.07 A pretty scary trigger with allot of water