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Intro - Contest

Posted by OfficialSayon on October 17, 2010 at 8:48 PM Comments comments (2)

A new contest ''Intro''

What do you need to do?


Is to make a short intro about ''Clan Of The Undead'' like a warm welcome. The #1 video will be on the ''Front Home Page!''.

Just re-check the ''Home Page'' for an example ''Intro''.


*Make sure the video isn't more then 25 MB

**Can't be longer then 2 Minutes ( No long Intro )

***You can post the video on the TAB > Videos

****Or upload it on youtube, and then send it to COTU







Chance winners!




Have fun Playing!


We Fight Dirty.... We Eat Dirty....

Spore Contest Creation: Show your skills

Posted by OfficialSayon on April 30, 2010 at 5:13 PM Comments comments (0)

Spore - Contest

Nothing Required!

Only 'Internet' :P


Any way who can make the most coolest and most beautifal spore creature?

I wounder of any of the members can create an awesome Spore creature.


How and what?


1. Go Here [ ]

2. Make your Creature and make a screenshot.

3. After that upload it to the site by forums, (Member Section)

4. The one that has the most views, will earn a special prize :D


Have fun! And be creative...




Davide is 1st Place


Ash-Y is 2nd Place



Clan Of The Undead - Tournament A little delay...

Posted by OfficialSayon on January 19, 2010 at 5:21 AM Comments comments (4)

As you all now , we gonna create an ultimate game which will be called Clan Of The Undead - Tournament. But it seems, there is a little problem, no one has respond on the idea's,  and we really need atleast 3 idea's.

So, there's gonna be an delay... I'm sorry, but i really do need ideas.


Thank you for the understanding!



Clan Of The Undead Multiplayer Game!

Posted by OfficialSayon on January 10, 2010 at 10:06 AM Comments comments (4)

Dear members. The game got improved since you all waited.

It will a little more time, till this all is loaded. Maybe for like 15 days till the full game is complete, and patched up. But in the meanwhile u should check out the other forum's. Or any random sections. The one you should try, is Games & Fun!. It has a cool game that saves your game.

And its puzzle/Action. Any-way,


Information about the game it self

Game Name : Clan Of The Undead - Tournament

Game Rate : Unknown

Game Quality : Low (In case for other people that has a bad computer)

Game Gore : 16+

Game Action : 100%

Team Game : Yes

Map Theme : Box/Bunker

Max Players : 6 -(For now)

Story Game : Its 1999, its a war.. But one day some survivors ran away from a ambush, their path ended.. At a strange lefted town.., it was dark... And quite.. The soldiers searched arround. Their found a secret tunnel.

That leads to a dark place. They went in it.. To see whats hiddin...

Once they went deeper and deeper... It went dark.. And some strange noice came out the dark tunnel... Their flashlights aimed at the dark hole.. And then it happend, the zombies ran out and came, to grab them..

Now you finish the story by your self good luck!

Everyone is welcome.

Posted by Ash-Y -۞C.O.T.U۞- on January 10, 2010 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

This group was made just for the clan of the undead on steam. Everyone should invite others to this group, so that they can share the fun and excitment with one another.  We want as many people in this group have we can. More people in the group equals more fun.

           Make sure you look at every page in the navigation (home,blog, forums, ect..) you may find something of your liking and want to coment or share it with others.  Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it and your time on this site.

                                    Remeber: We Fight Dirty... We Eat Dirty...


MMORPG Games; Its getting bored.

Posted by OfficialSayon on January 9, 2010 at 3:46 PM Comments comments (2)

As you know, RPG Games are addicted. The only thing is, an million of people, Make Rpg Games, which is nice. But think about it, one thing is really annoying. It has all the same system, you level up till highest level, and your done. Or you need to start over again. Now my option was, why not a rpg game, where you actually. Level up, but! i repeat but! What about a system that actually convert's the player, that reaches the highest level. To a different world, where it can level more, and more. Any-way my point is. It is getting bored, because u keep doing the same, in each game. Thats what i wanted to say. ;) Greetz from |Sayon|