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clan of the undead - hotel v1.02

How to connect?

1. Connect to one of our hamachi servers.

2. Click the button with the hotel and the green arrow.

3. Wait till a new window pop's up. And wait till you see the hotel.

4. Then click create a new account, fill all the information in.

5. And your all done, have fun on C.O.T.U - Hotel!

Clan Of The Undead - Status

-----Work In Progress-----

C.O.T.U - Tournamant: 12%

The Curse: (Campaign) 2.9%

 --------Server Status-------- 

 L4D2 - Fun Server : Offline

 HL2DM - Private Server : Offline  

 GMOD  - Build Server : Offline

GTA:SA - Code Undead : Offline

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